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[5/100] Crockpot Barbecue Chicken

It’s almost embarrassing to call this a recipe, I swear, but it’s a thumbs-up favorite here at home and easy, which makes it a WIN in my book.  You’ll need:

  • one whole chicken (preferably fresh, but thawed if it’s been frozen)
  • two medium-sized onions
  • 16+ ounces of barbecue sauce (your choice)

By now, you understand that you need to rinse out the bird and take the bits and pieces out of the inside.  One of these days, I’ll come up with some ideas for what to do with those things, but for now, we’ll discard them.  Doesn’t really matter much whether the onions are white or yellow, but I think red would be the wrong flavor.  It’s up to you.



As for the barbecue sauce…well, I think it says a person has lived in the Kansas City area long enough if one has a favorite.  Mine is Jack Stack Original.  I like that it’s more smoky than spicy.



Back to the chicken.  Rinse it out, pat it dry, and put it into your crockpot.  Next, slice up the onions into rings or crescents.  Don’t dice them…you want those onion pieces to have some body to them.  Dump ’em into the crockpot on top of the chicken.  Then pour in 16 ounces of barbecue sauce (or a little more if you like).  Guess what you do next?

Go ahead.  Guess.  I’ll wait.  🙂

Put the lid on the crockpot.  Set it to cook for 6-8 hours on LOW and walk away, baby.  I have to set mine for 8 hours because, on mine, 6 hours is still in the HIGH heat range and you want LOW.  It’ll be done in 6 hours anyway.  At about 5 hours, gently take the chicken out and separate it from the bones.  This is a messy job, but very easy, because the meat will be falling off the bones.  Put the meat back into the crockpot, stir it up, and let it cook for a little while longer.

Serve on bread as an open-faced sandwich, with a nice green salad.  Or maybe not on a sandwich, with some cole slaw or mashed potatoes and green veggies on the side.  Heck, eat it out of the crockpot with a fork for all I care.  Keeps well as leftovers, though you might need to skim some fat off the top as it cools.  I wouldn’t recommend freezing it because the onions don’t do so well with that.  Enjoy!





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