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[17/100] Baked Potatoes

So this isn’t actually a RECIPE.  So sue me.  I just really wish I’d known how to do this when I moved out on my own.  It was so embarrassing to have to call my mom and ASK.  Simple stuff, but time and temp matter, and I didn’t have the Internet way back then to help me.  Go ahead.  Make a joke about my age.  I’ll stab you with a fork. Just like I stabbed these potatoes.  Did you see that segueway right there?  Here’s what you need:

  • Potatoes.  You’ll want to use Russet potatoes for baking.  Those are the big, dirty ones.  Like Mr. Potato Head.  The golden ones and red ones may be nice for steaming or roasting, but Russets have ’em all beat for baking.  If you choose potatoes all about the same size, then they’ll all take about the same amount of time to cook.
  • Olive oil or vegetable oil.  About a tablespoon will do for six potatoes, so you don’t need much.
  • Coarse salt.  Again, about a tablespoon (probably a bit less) will do for six potatoes.

Wash the potatoes in cold water.  Use a scrubby brush if you’ve got one.  Dry them off.  (Don’t soak them or use hot water, because that’ll make them sort of soggy and sad.)  Stab them a bunch of times, all over, with a fork or a knife.  This part is important, if you don’t want them to explode in the oven.  If you don’t eat the skin, then you can skip the next part, but I’ll make fun of you. Eating the skin is splendid.  That’s also where about 103% of the vitamins are.

***  Put some oil in a shallow bowl, and the salt on a small plate.  Massage the oil into the skin of each potato, and then roll it in the salt.  You don’t need to *coat* the skin with salt…just get the outside nice and sprinkled.    ***

After that, the baking part is marvelously easy.  You can even adjust the time and temp as necessary, if you’ve got other things cooking in the oven at the same time.  Place them right on the rack in your preheated oven, but try to put a cookie sheet or square of aluminum foil on the rack underneath them, to catch any drippings. Those beauties are done when they’re fork-tender.

  • At 325 degrees, they’ll bake about 90 minutes
  • At 350 degrees, they’ll bake about 60 minutes
  • At 400 degrees, they’ll bake about 45 minutes

baked potatoes

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