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[18/100] Lemon & Tuna Pasta

Since FionaPie went gluten-free, Wednesday nights have sort of become “spaghetti nights,” because that’s a night when she’s generally hangin’ with her dad…and because I like to protect those nights when I can be as lazy as possible with my cooking.  You’re all shocked, I know.

I’m not sure where I originally found this recipe — on somebody’s Pinterest board, somewhere, I’m sure — but I’ve made it often enough and changed enough now that it’s my very own.  No surprise that it’s quick and easy, but it’s also a very light flavor that feels just right with the sunshine we’ve finally been getting.

This recipe is scaled, as usual, to feed eight with (hopefully) some leftovers.  Along with a good spaghetti pot, you’ll need:

  • spaghetti sufficient for your needs — I usually cook up a whole 16-oz package of the stuff we purchase approximately 200 pounds at a time from Costco
  • 4 Tbsp olive oil
  • about 4 tsp minced garlic — fresh or from the jar (use more if you like)
  • about 2 Tbsp lemon juice
  • red pepper flakes
  • kosher salt, black pepper
  • canned tuna (two of the 6-oz cans, or the mathematical equivalent) — I use the stuff packed in water, but you could go with oil-packed if you like
  • about 1/2-cup of Parmesan — grated or shredded or shaved, whatever

Cook the spaghetti according to the package directions.  Before draining, set aside about a cup of the cooking water.


After you drain the pasta, let it sit in the strainer for a few minutes and return the pot to the stove.  Lower the heat to medium.  Add the olive oil to the pan, then sautee the garlic and red pepper flakes for a minute or two until they’re tender and smell awesome.  At this point, you’ll add all the other ingredients.  It doesn’t matter a whole lot what goes in first from here on in, and you’ll want to adjust the seasonings to taste.  If this sounds like a jumble, then…well, it kind of is.  But it’s a TASTY jumble.

Tonight, once the garlic was ready, I stirred in the tuna, followed by the spaghetti.  Then I added the lemon juice and dribbled in most of the cooking water I’d set aside.  Finally, I added a bit more salt and pepper before adding the Parmesan   That’s it.  Less than 20 minutes and pretty much all stuff that’s in the pantry.  We serve this up with a side of steamed green veggies.

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