[23/100] Sweet Potato Hash

05 Jul
[23/100] Sweet Potato Hash

Just discovered this blissful weekend breakfast dish, though I bet you could eat it happily any time of day.  It ain’t pretty, but dear heavens it’s good.

This recipe serves one, but it’s pretty easy to scale up to two.  It’s not really something easily made for more than two people at a time…which is cool for me, because it only makes sense for me to cook this on a weekend morning when nobody else is around anyway.  You’ll need:

  • One small- to medium-sized sweet potato, grated — I think teeny-tiny chopped pieces would do, but I really love the texture of the shredded sweet potato and how quickly it cooks up.  You’ll get one serving from about half a sweet potato, and the other half will keep (unshredded) and wrapped up in the fridge for a day or so).
  • About a handful of finely chopped onion — I’ll dice up one onion at the beginning of the week and use it up one handful at a time.  I estimate a single serving will use up about 1/4 cup of onion bits.
  • 2-4 slices of your favorite bacon — less than two slices probably won’t give you enough bacon grease, so make as much as you’d like to serve for yourself

You’ll use one large, nonstick pan for the whole process.  Start by cooking the bacon over medium heat.  Once it’s done, set it aside to cool on a paper towel and leave the grease in the pan.  (Incidentally, the time the bacon takes to cook is just about the right amount of time to get the sweet potato shredded.)  Throw the onions and shredded sweet potato into the pan; stir it around so it’s all nicely coated with the bacon grease and the spread it out in a thin layer.  For the next five minutes, you’ll stir and flip it around a few times, until it’s browned and a bit crunchy.

I’ll usually empty the hash onto my plate — onto a smallish bed of greens, if I’m clever — and then put the pan back on (sometimes with a bit of butter if needed) and then cook up an egg or two over-medium to have on the side.  Oh, yeah.  And the bacon.  BOOM.  Breakfast magic.  I swear, I don’t get hungry for at least four or five hours after this.  You’re welcome.



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